Maya’s Divine Designs

“I break all of the rules, because I never learned them in the first place- I’m an Outsider artist; my style is truly my own!”

“I own one piece of Maya's art - so far!! It is a commissioned piece and just what I was looking for. Her pieces are inspired and make you think, what any good art should do! I will be adding more to my collection!”

Sarah Bell
Divine Customer
Maya's art is both inspired and creative. I own several pieces of her art work in various forms and hope to have a few more in the future. Brilliant!!!
Kendra Esselment Campbell
A happy, divine customer

About Us

Maya David Garcia

store owner, artist, author

My preferred artistic mediums are painting, drawing and concept photography/digital art. My paintings are all watercolor gouache-based, with other materials sometimes used for layering, such as chalk or oil pastel, markers, wax, glue, or acrylic paint pens, to give a shimmering, multi-dimensional, almost 3D effect. I use primary colors, blending colors to create a rich palette. Color therapy and healing art elements are strongly present in my work. My favorite themes are landscapes, water, spiritual symbols and folklore, and garden scenes of various origins and varieties, though I occasionally like to add stylized figures to these settings as well, to tell a story. My mission is always first and foremost to tell stories, through everything that I do, and if you look closely at my work that’s exactly what you’ll find, a narrative element, no matter how you choose to interpret it, and make it your own.